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Top Ten | Author Reading Goals

So I had no clue what to call this post and what I settled on makes pretty much no sense, but I basically want to talk about my author reading goals. There are certain authors who I consider to be my favourites and I want to read everything they have written. I thought I would share the top ten authors whose complete works I want to have read at least within the next few years. Some of these authors have as many as 16 currently published books, so it could take me a while to get through them all.

1. Cecelia Ahern
Have I mentioned she's my favourite author? Just a few times? Everything I have read so far from Cecelia Ahern has been a 4 or 5 star read so of course I want to read everything she has written. 
Published Novels: 16
Read: 5
Own (Unread): 3

2. Jennifer E Smith
Another favourite author, although she seems to be a bit more hit or miss for me. I want to read everything from her to see if she is more of a hit than a miss overall.
Published Novels: 8 + novella
Read: 5 + novella
Own (Unread): 1

3. Morgan Matson
She writes the perfect summer contemporary novels, the kind that make you feel like you're on the best summer holiday despite the fact you are actually stuck at home watching the rain because you live in the UK.
Published Novels: 4
Read: 3
Own (Unread): 1
(Amy & Rodger's Epic Detour - Second Chance Summer - Since You've Been Gone)

4. Kasie West
Kasie West is probably my favourite YA contemporary author. She has written outwith the contemporary genre but I haven't read it yet, so for me it's her contemporary stories I have fallen in love with.
Published Novels: 7
Read: 3
Own (Unread): 2

5. John Green
He is one of the most talked about authors, especially following the movie adaptations of two of his novels, and I want to know what all the fuss is about. I have really enjoyed what I have already read but since everyone raves about all his books I want to read more.
Published Novels: 6 (including those written with other authors)
Read: 2
Own (Unread): 1

6. Gillian Flynn
This woman is some kind of genius. The stories and dark twists she comes up with are incredible, of course I want to read everything I can from her.
Published Novels: 3
Read: 2
Own (Unread): 1
(Dark Places - Gone Girl)

7. Emery Lord
I have actually only read one of Emery Lord's books but I enjoyed it so much that I know I want to read everything she writes.
Published Novels: 4
Read: 1
Own (Unread): 2
(Open Road Summer)

8. Sarah Dessen
The queen of YA contemporary. Everyone loves Sarah Dessen and I want to love her as well. I wasn't a huge fan of what I have already read but I am determined to read all of her books and fall in love with her like everyone else.
Published Novels: 13
Read: 1
Own (Unread): 0
(That Summer)

9. Gayle Forman
She is another hit or miss author for me. I have absolutely loved one of her books but another was just OK. I have heard great things about all of her other books.
Published Novels: 7
Read: 3
Own (Unread): 1

10. Rainbow Rowell
I thought I loved Rainbow Rowell and would love everything she wrote, and then I really disliked one of her books. Now I don't know what to feel, which means I have to read everything she's written just to make sure that one book was just a one off.
Published Novels: 5
Read: 3
Own (Unread): 1

Those are the authors whose books I am making it a goal to read as soon as I can. I haven't included short stories in my numbers, as I would have no doubt missed some, but I have read short stories by a few of these authors. Also, there is a good chance my numbers are wrong in general, feel free to correct me.

What authors do you want to read all the books written by? What books from these authors should I read next?

Sophie :)

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