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Review | I Still Remember by Priya Prithviraj

I Still Remember by Priya Prithviraj
Published By: Self-Published
Published On: May 14, 2017
Genre: Contemporary
Pages: Exact Unknown (around 30)
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Rating: ★★

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How do you forget someone you've loved once?  

Ji-woo dreams of becoming a writer and is back in college giving it a second shot. But then Weon-gyu, her first love, comes back into her new life. Will she give up on her dreams or will she write them a happy ending?

*A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

When the author first approached me about this book I was pretty excited to read it as I really liked the premise of the story. It seemed like such a sweet concept, a first love coming back into your life and having to deal with the situations that arise from that.

Unfortunately, it wasn't executed quite as well as I had hoped. I was wary with it being so short and I feel that I was right to be. To me, it needed to be longer to get to know the characters and develop the story. I think there needed to be more background to get to know the characters, as well as more to the plot. It definitely has potential, there just wasn't enough for me.

My main issue with this book was the fact that I had difficulty following it. It jumped around a lot between scenes and there were a few flashbacks that threw me off a little. Also, a lot of the characters were mentioned and discussed but not actually introduced until a few pages later, which confused me quite a lot.

I also had a few issues with the writing. I just didn't click with the way it was written. I think that is more to do with me than with the book itself, but it contributed to me finding the story difficult to follow.

One thing I absolutely loved about this book was the setting. I really loved that it was set in Korea and following Korean characters. I don't think I have previously read any books set in Korea but that is definitely something I want to look into reading more of.

Overall, this was definitely a book with potential but for me it was just too short to fully develop the characters or the plot. I really think if it was longer and more developed it would have been a 3/4 star read for me.

About The Author:
Priya Prithviraj writes poems which have been featured in journals such as Eastlit and at the Stewartry Book Festival. She also writes about books, writing and publishing on her ​blog​.

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