About Me

My name is Sophie and I am a 22 year old university student from the UK. I do spend a lot of my time studying and drowning in uni work but I spend the majority of my free time with my nose in a book. Alternatively, you may find me binge-watching a TV series, falling in love with a movie or obsessing over boybands. But more about the books...

Having grown up in a family full of readers, it was inevitable that I was going to catch the bug eventually, but it took a while. I have gone through the same reading stages as most people around my age. It all started with the likes of Roald Dahl, progressed to Jacqueline Wilson and then stopped when it was no longer "cool". Then along came Twilight to kick things off again before life became too busy. Finally, The Hunger Games came along and I have not looked back since.

Coming back into the present day, I now read just about anything that attracts my attention. I read predominantly YA novels, but with a good few Adult novels thrown in for good measure. My favourite thing to read is probably a good contemporary, however I do like to mix things up a bit with some mystery/thrillers, or maybe more recently a bit of fantasy. Like I said, if it's got an interesting premise or a beautiful cover, I'll give it a go.

About Dreaming of Happy Endings

Dreaming of Happy Endings was created as a place for bookish things. After starting my review blog, Soph Reviews, I decided I wanted somewhere for the other bookish things I enjoyed reading on other book blogs. The review blog did not seem like the place to do that and so, after I had a dream about this blog one night, Dreaming of Happy Endings was born, hence the name. Later I decided to give up Soph Reviews and revamp this blog to include reviews. I hope this can be an interesting and fun area of the internet filled with wonderful bookish things.

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