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2017 | Reading Goals

I really love setting myself specific reading goals at the beginning of each year to encourage myself to change my reading habits. Like I mentioned in my 2016 challenge wrap up, I went a bit overboard with the reading challenges last year so I decided to change things a bit for 2017. In terms of official reading challenges, I only plan to do one challenge on top of my Goodreads challenge for the year. I also have some more lenient reading goals for myself, to make things more relaxed.

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Goodreads Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge

Sophie has read 0 books toward her goal of 50 books.

Again I am trying for 50 books in 2017. I managed it in 2015 but not last year so I need to push myself to get back on track with my reading. I really want to get this goal to 100 in the not to distant future.

Around The Year In 52 Books Challenge
This is a challenge run through a Goodreads group that I took part in for the second half of last year and really enjoyed. This is my main challenge for 2017 and the challenge list looks great for this year! The idea of this challenge is to read 52 books, one for each week of the year, from a list of 52 challenge prompts. I will be sharing my rough reading plan with you so please share any recommendations for the challenges with me.

Like I said, as well as my challenges I also have some general reading goals for 2107.

- Get my physical TBR under 100 books
I have about 150 physical books on my shelves that are unread, which I think is obscene, and that isn't even counting ebooks or audiobooks! I'm running out of space on my shelves and I've already ran out of space for more shelves so I need to tackle that.

- Read 5 before buying
To help with my space problem I want to cut back on my book buying. I am hoping I can stick to the challenge of reading 5 books before I buy any more. I am still going to allow myself to buy ebooks if I really want to, since that doesn't take up shelf space.

- Read more ebooks
For the past couple of years I have taken part in an ebook reading challenge, however this year that challenge isn't being run (as far as I know). Rather than find another one to join, I decided to just give myself the goal of reading more, rather than a specific number. I read 9 in 2016 so if I top that I'll be happy.

- Read more series
Again this is something I set myself a challenge for last year but decided to be a bit more relaxed with this year. I have so many unfinished series and loads that I want to start but haven't got around to so I would like to make an effort to get to them.

- Get back into audiobooks
I really got into audiobooks in 2015 but didn't listen to a single one in 2016. I have about 14 audiobooks in my audible library and had to cancel my subscription last year because I wasn't taking advantage of it. I would like to get through as many of the 14 as possible but even if I get through 2 I'll be happy.

- Read what I want
I have always been one for making a TBR list for each month and being determined to stick to it as much as possible but I often find I'm forcing myself to read things I don't really feel like reading. This year I want to be more lenient with myself and just read whatever I fancy. Obviously it would be helpful if the book I felt like reading fit into the Around The Year In 52 Books challenges but I'm going to try not to put too much pressure on myself to read specific books.

I also have a few blog related goals for the year.

- Blog more consistently
Things were a bit mad in 2016 and blogging took a back seat, which meant I would be consistent for a few weeks and then disappear again. I would like to try and post once a week at the very least, unless I'm going on holiday like I am next week, but ideally 3 times a week.

- Have more variety
For the entirety of 2016 this blog consisted of pretty much only wrap ups, hauls, TBRs and the odd review. Mostly that was due to the fact I didn't have the time to think about anything else I wanted to post. I would really like to branch out and get some more interesting content on here.

- Keep up to date with reviews
I am so terrible when it comes to reviewing books! As soon as I finish a book I write up notes for my review but it can often be 3/4 months later, or even more sometimes, before I finally write the review. By that point my notes don't give me enough to write a good review, which isn't helpful. I'm going to aim to write my reviews no more than a week after finishing the book.

- Bookstagram
I created an Instagram account for this blog ages ago and did nothing at all with it so I decided at the beginning of the year to finally start using it. I'm not very creative or great with photography but I'm going to give it a go. I really just want to have a been able to photograph every book I read this year to look back on. If you would like to follow my name is DreamingOfHappyEndings.

Those are my slightly more relaxed goals for 2017. What are your reading goals for the year?

Sophie :)

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