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2015 | Goals & Resolutions

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My favourite thing about the New Year is making resolutions. I am all about planning and lists so when I set out my list of New Year's Resolutions, I take it very seriously and often set myself way too many goals than are possible to accomplish but I try it anyway. These are my goals and resolutions for both reading and this blog in 2015.

My Reading Resolutions

1. Read 50 Books. For my Goodreads challenge last year I set myself the goal of 40 books and managed to complete it, reading exactly 40. This year I am hoping to push myself a little more and read 50. Considering I didn't really start to read much in 2014 until around April, I think I can manage this goal.

2. Read 1 ebook a month. I used to be a huge ebook reader but I fell back into the hard copy books in 2014 and my poor Kindle was lacking attention. I have a rather large collection of books on my Kindle which I would like to get through at some point so I have decided to set myself the challenge of reading at least one each month.

3. Read at least 2 books a month. I am very inconsistent with my reading. I often end up reading something like 5 books one month and only one the next. I would like to try and read at least two books every month, which I think is possible even in my busier months.

4. Do more challenges. 2014 was my first experience of challenges outside of the Goodreads challenge. I did a post wrapping up all of my 2014 challenges, which you can read here. I really enjoyed the reading challenges and so this year I would like to participate in more challenges.

5. Use my TBR Jar more. Last year I made myself a TBR jar to help me out when I am not sure what to read. For the majority of the time since making it, the jar has been generally untouched. Towards the end of last year I started to pick out at least one book a month and add it into that month's TBR and that is what I plan to continue this year.

6. Try out audiobooks. I hear people talk a lot about how I should try audiobooks as they are a great way to read while you are busy with other things. I was always a bit unsure about them as I am the kind of person who can't concentrate for any length of time. However, I want to give them a try in 2015 and see if they are for me.

7. Branch out in my reading. I branched out slightly in my reading last year, with venturing into the worlds of fantasy and Christian fiction, but this year I would like to branch out a little further. I would like to read at least one book from a few different genres that I have yet to read from and maybe discover something new.

My Blogging Resolutions

1. Post at least once a week. Obviously I aim to post a lot more than once a week but I would like to, even in my busiest weeks, post at least once a week. This may not always be possible, if I am on holiday without internet connection, for example, but I will try my hardest.

2. At least one review a week. I enjoy both writing and reading reviews and for that reason I would like to be posting at least one review a week. I am hoping that this will not be too hard but I know how busy this year may turn out to be.

3. Write reviews as soon as possible after reading the book. Last year I was terrible for reading book after book and then trying to review multiple books at once. This is not the easiest, nor the most reliable, method for writing reviews. In 2015, my aim is to review the book I have finished before moving on to the next, or at least writing detailed notes about the book in order to help with my review later on.

Those are my reading and blogging resolutions for 2015. What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Sophie :)

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