Wednesday, 18 July 2018

2018 Goals | Mid-Year Update

There comes a point in every year where I am struck down by the mother of all slumps. This slump tends to involve both reading and blogging, I have no motivation to do either. This is where I find myself right now, during the month I have the most time to devote to reading and blogging. In an attempt to get myself out of this slump and back on track, I thought it might be helpful to take a look back at the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year and see how I am doing on them now that we have passed the mid-way point of the year.

Goodreads Reading Challenge
Progress: 42/50
This is a number I am super happy about! I set my goal at 50 books every year and have never surpassed that number, in fact I usually don't even reach it. It isn't something I pay much attention to but it is nice to see that I have read way more than usual in the first half of the year. As long as this slump doesn't last too long, I think there's a pretty good chance I'll hit this goal by the end of the year.

Finish 5 Series
Progress: 1/5
I haven't done so well on finishing series so far this year. I was a lot more focused on this goal at the start of the year and then kind of forgot about it. I do still plan on finishing more series in the second half of the year but I'm not quite sure if I'll manage another four. The one series I have finished so far, the DIMILY trilogy by Estelle Maskame, I absolutely loved so that has definitely encouraged me to get reading the other series I have started.

Listen To 5 Audiobooks
Progress: 7/5
Smashed it! I went through a phase of listening to a lot of audiobooks, which meant that I had hit my goal of listening to 5 by May! I'm not raising this number to set myself a further goal but I would like to continue listening to audiobooks throughout the rest of the year as I have been really enjoying them.

Re-Read 5 Books
Progress: 2/5
Confession: I haven't re-read anything since January! This is another goal that I was very focused on at the start of the year and then just forgot about. I have been distracted by a lot of new releases and books that have been sitting on my shelves for a while, so despite wanting to re-read some old favourites I just haven't been doing so. I definitely want to focus more on this goal in the second half of the year.

Read 5 Before Buying
This goal has pretty much gone out the window. I have not been buying nearly as many books this year and if I had stuck to this goal and bought 1/2 new books with every 5 books read, I would probably have bought more. I have been doing a pretty good job of keeping my book buying under control, however I don't think this will continue with YALC coming up.

Physical TBR Under 100
At the start of the year, my physical TBR was sitting about around 130 books and I wanted to get this number under 100. Despite not buying a whole lot of physical books so far this year, I have been reading a lot more eBooks than usual and this has meant that my physical TBR has stayed around the 130 mark. I definitely need to make this a priority for the coming months.

Blog Consistently
I started off so well with this goal! I have been trying so hard to blog consistently this year, and actually managed pretty well in February, but life just got in the way. I have had a pretty tough first half of the year and so my blog has had to take a backseat. I don't know what is going to happen in the second half of the year but I am hopeful that I can get back to blogging as consistently as I can, at least once I get out of this stupid slump.

Revamp Reviews
I didn't really have any ideas in mind as to how I would do this nothing has really changed. I still don't know how I want to change things but I am getting bored of my reviews and just not wanting to write them at the moment. I really need to look into this properly.

I tried. I failed again. I might try again but who knows.

In general, I'm pretty happy with how my year has gone so far. While I might not be on track with many of the goals I set myself, I have read a lot more than I usually do and have enjoyed the majority of books I have read. I plan to do a post focusing on my mid-year statistics, which I think will be quite interesting. For now though, how are you doing with your goals so far this year?

Sophie :)

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