Monday, 8 January 2018

2017 | Reading Challenge Wrap Up

Are you ready to see how many of my 2017 goals and challenges I completely failed, or just forgot about? I struggled to stay interested in my 2017 challenges and that has lead to me to change my plans for this year, but more about that another time.

Goodreads Challenge - 50 Books
Oh I was so close! I was way ahead of my goal for the majority of 2017 and then life got in the way towards the end of the year. I tried to read super short books for the last week or so in December but still only managed to read 49 books. I'm disappointed that it was so close to my goal but it was much better than 2016 and with everything going on throughout the year, I don't think I did too badly. 49/50

Around The Year In 52 Books
I had great intentions of sticking to this challenge and I was doing so well. However, about half way through the year I felt very restricted in what I could read as I was trying to read only books that fit into the categories for this challenge. I just wanted to read whatever I was in the mood for, which is what I ended up doing. I managed 38 of the 52 challenges. 38/52

Get My Physical TBR Under 100 Books
This didn't happen. My physical TBR is currently sitting at about 130 and considering it was at around 150 this time last year, I didn't really make much progress. I didn't really try very hard to complete this goal so I think it is something I will need to look at this year.

Read 5 Before Buying
This was working really well at the start of the year. I was allowing myself to buy no more than 2 books every time I read 5 and I didn't have a problem with that. However, I eventually just forgot about the rule I had set myself but I wasn't buying many books anyway. Though I may not have kept this going, I did cut down on my book buying a lot.

Read More Ebooks
This one I definitely succeeded with! I read 17 ebooks in 2017, which is almost double the amount I read the year before. This is largely to do with Netgalley but I have been making a conscious effort to read a mix of ebooks and physical books each month.

Read More Series
I didn't set myself a goal of finishing or continuing with specific series, which is good as I would not have been successful with that, but just to read more books in series in general. I ended up reading 19 books in series, most of which were first books in series. I wanted this goal to encourage me to continue with series I had been reading for a while but that didn't really happen.

Get Back Into Audiobooks
This is one of the reasons I managed to get as close to my Goodreads goal as I did. I ended up listening to 8 audiobooks in 2017, which I am very happy about considering I didn't listen to any in 2016. I'm hoping to keep this up in 2018.

Read What I Want
It's ironic that I made this one of my goals for 2017, as it is one thing I felt I wasn't able to do. I felt very restricted, as I mentioned, due to some of the other challenges and I ended up falling into reading slumps because of that.

Blog More Consistently
I was a much better blogger in 2017 than the previous year, however I stopped blogging consistently around September as life just got in the way. I am still trying to get that balance between blogging, reading, uni and my personal life but I think I managed a bit better in 2017.

Have More Variety On My Blog
I tried to do more discussion posts and more varied content but this stopped when I started getting too busy that it was hard enough just getting the usual posts done. I'm happy I managed some different content but this is another thing I'll have to work on.

Keep Up To Date With Reviews
Again, I managed this pretty well until my blog fell to the bottom of the priority pile. I'm impressed that I kept up to date for so long, I did much better than I have in any other year of blogging.

Didn't happen. I failed miserably with this one. I will try harder in 2018.

I was sure I had tried to make less goals and challenges for myself in 2017 but it doesn't seem like it when they're all listed like that. I definitely need to be more relaxed in 2018. How did you do with your reading goals?

Sophie :)

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