Sunday, 9 April 2017

Top Five | Favourite TV Shows

Recently I have been trying to incorporate things like TV and movies into this blog as I wanted to talk about more than just books sometimes. I've been sharing what I'm currently watching but I thought it might be fun to share some of my favourite shows.

Finished Series
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One Tree Hill is probably my favourite TV show of all time. I just love this show so much! I adore these characters and their friendships and relationships. 
Favourite Character: Brooke Davis
OTP: Nathan & Haley or Brooke & Julian
Favourite Friendship: Lucas & Haley
Favourite Season: 6

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Gossip Girl is my ultimate guilty pleasure show. I binge watched the entire series in about a month, when I should have been studying, and I was completely obsessed.
Favourite Character: Blair Waldorf
OTP: Chuck & Blair
Favourite Friendship: Blair & Serena
Favourite Season: 6

Ongoing Series
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Grey's Anatomy is another contender for my all time favourite show. I fell in love with this show from the first episode and will continue to love it even as all my favourite characters die. I also loved the spin-off show Private Practice.
Favourite Character: Lexie
OTP: Jackson & April
Favourite Friendship: Callie & Mark
Favourite Season: 6

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Chicago Fire is a more recent favourite of mine. I was hooked from the first episode as firefighters and the firehouse culture fascinates me. I love PD and Med as well but Fire is definitely my favourite.
Favourite Character: Shay
OTP: Mills & Dawson
Favourite Friendship: Shay & Severide
Favourite Season: 2

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Pretty Little Liars is another guilty pleasure show. I know everyone is getting fed up of this mystery being dragged out but there is part of me who doesn't want the series to end.
Favourite Character: Hanna
OTP: Caleb & Hanna
Favourite Friendship: Caleb & Toby
Favourite Season: 4

Those are my top 5 favourite TV shows, however there are plenty more shows I love. I would love recommendations based on the shows I have mentioned, I'm always looking for more shows to watch despite me ever growing list.

Sophie :)

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