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Wrap Up & Haul | April 2015

April has been, hands down, the busiest month of the year for me. I have had so much to do for uni, which has been awful, but have also had some of the most amazing experiences this month. However, I have not had a great month in terms of reading and only managed to read 2 books.

My Life In April...
- I had a really great night with some of my best friends celebrating a friend's birthday.
- My great gran turned 90 and we had a family party to celebrate.
- I had my first driving incident after around 2 and a half years of driving.
- We had our first super sunny day of the year which I spent with some great friends.
- I celebrated Easter with my family and friends.
- I finished my classes for my third year of uni.
- I got my hands on VIP tickets to see The Vamps on tour, which meant I got to meet the boys and be in the front row for the show! I will never forget that day!
- I discovered some really great new boybands to be a complete fangirl for.
- I had a fangirl meltdown when a member of my favourite band followed me on twitter! (it's sad, i know!)
- I had my first of my three exams for this semester.
- GREY'S ANATOMY! That's all I can say. This show kills me!

Watched In April...
- Little Shop Of Horrors (1989) - 3.5/5
- Love, Rosie - 5+/5 (new favourite!)
- Mockingjay Part 1 (rewatch) - 5/5
- Tangled (rewatch) - 4/5
- The Fault In Our Stars - 4.5/5
- Private Practice Season 2 - 4/5

Read In March...

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I Was Here by Gayle Forman -
I have been wanting to read this since it first came out and I am so glad I finally got around to it. This is about a girl whose best friend commits suicide and, since she finds this so unexpected, sets out to find out why. I really enjoyed this book. Suicide is a difficult topic to get right, in my opinion, but Gayle Forman did an incredible job of writing such a touching story. It did take me a little while to get into, hence the lower rating, but I ended up really enjoying it and the story stayed with me long after I finished the book. 4/5

The Selection Stories: The Prince and The Guard by Kiera Cass -
It is no secret that I loved the first three books in The Selection series and in anticipation of the release of The Heir I had to read the novellas which accompanied the first books. The Prince follows Maxon before and at the very beginning of The Selection, while The Guard takes place during the second book in the series. I enjoyed the novellas, The Prince more so than The Guard, and liked getting more insight into these characters but I did not feel they were necessary additions to the series. 4/5

Bought In April...

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The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen -
I will admit that I wanted to read this purely because I love the title. I know very little about this book but I like the way the title sounds so I added it to my TBR. Then, when I found it for just £1.99(!!) on The Works website, I had to pick it up. All I know of this book is that it is a New Adult romance following, I believe, troubled characters. I am really excited to read this one as I have heard some great reviews.

Just A Girl Standing In Front Of A Boy by Lucy-Anne Holmes -
This was another absolute title buy. I loved Notting Hill so obviously if a book has a title which makes reference to that film it's only natural that I have to buy it. I had no idea what this was about when I bought it but this was another one I found for extremely cheap online and bought simply so that the price of postage was less than the price of the books. I believe this is a very much like a rom-com, such as Notting Hill, but as a book. 

Flora and Grace by Maureen Lee -
I know absolutely nothing about this book but my gran just finished reading it and enjoyed it so gave it to me as she thinks it's something I will like. As far as I can gather from Goodreads, I think this is an adult historical romance set during the Second World War. This is not my usual type of book but I like to try something different every now and again. My Gran's last recommendation was a success so hopefully this will be too.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson -
In an attempt to read all of Morgan Matson's books in publication order, I used my monthly Audible credit to get the audiobook of Second Chance Summer, her second novel. I have heard some great reviews about this book, all mentioning how sad this book is, so I am looking forward to listening to it. I don't know anything about this book but it is one I am wanting to go into blind.

Blogged In April...
- I hauled a lot of books that I absolutely needed to buy in March.
- I shared my April TBR.

That is April all wrapped up. What did you read in April? Also, how to you feel about the new 'blogged in' section of the wrap up?

Sophie :)

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