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Review | Naked In Knightsbridge by Nicky Schmidt

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNaked In Knightsbridge by Nicky Schmidt
Published by: Prospera Publishing
Published on: November 23, 2009
Genre: Chick Lit
Pages: 350
Format: eBook
Source: Bought from Amazon

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With mounting debts, threats from a crazy landlord and a cleaning business that was going well until she set fire to someone's house, Jools Grand is about to find herself homeless. She has to come up with a plan, and fast. So with an acute sense of desperation, Jools decides to auction herself online in a marriage of convenience. Who knows, she might even find romance? What Jools isn't banking on is a bidding war between two not-so-eligible bachelors - a wealthy, gay, would-be politician who needs a wife as a cover; and a deranged loner with a newly-refurbished basement prison. Add to that a lecherous father, some soon-to-be-exposed secrets and an addiction to pastries, and Jools is set to discover that nothing comes without a price.

Following the disastrous collapse of her cleaning business, Jools is left unemployed, with endless debt and no way to pay her rent. With no luck in finding a new job, Jools resorts to selling belongings online to make some quick cash but soon realises the only things she owns of any value is herself.

I hated this book. Everything about this book made me angry and it is a wonder I managed to finish it. I honestly cannot think of anything nice to say about it.

What kind of person decides it is a good idea to sell theirself online? Although this is not the main focus of the plot, it has a lot to do with the story. I do not understand what kind of person would even consider that a possibility. It makes the whole plot quite stupid, in my opinion.

I hated almost all of the characters. I cannot explain how much I hated Jools. I can’t possibly like a character so lazy and irresponsible. The kind of character who would rather be homeless than take up the offer of living with her best friend, purely because she does not like her boyfriend. I spent the whole book wanting to scream at her to get a grip! None of the other characters were all that likeable either. The only one I liked at all was Skuttle.

Everything was so predictable. I predicted almost every outcome long before the book ended, which ruined any decent part of the plot. I didn’t feel like anything was particularly unique or exciting.

Overall, this book was so disappointing. I really cannot think of anything positive to say about it. I gave it one star because I finished it, I think that says it all.

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