Saturday, 10 June 2017

Top Five | Series I'll Never Finish

I've talked a lot on this blog about all of the series I want to start or have started but need to finish. I love talking about series for some reason, perhaps because it makes me actually want to pick up those series I've been putting off. Today I wanted to talk about some of the series I have started but don't plan to finish. I won't lie, this is largely because I want to know if I'm making a mistake by giving up on these series. So if you absolutely love any of the ones I mention, please convince me to finish it.

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1. The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella
This is an 8 book series so far! I'm not sure if it has ended or if there are more to come, but that is a serious commitment for me and I just don't have the desire to finish it. I read the first book, Confessions Of A Shopaholic, last year and it was such a disappointment for me. I really didn't enjoy it, despite hearing nothing but amazing things about the series. I couldn't stand Becky as a main character, so I think the only thing that would convince me to keep going is if she mature a lot in the sequels.

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2. The Clique series by Lisi Harrison
I read the first three books in this series years ago, when I was the target audience age, and absolutely loved them. I didn't really understand the whole series thing too well then and just assumed that because those were the only ones in the shop there weren't any more. This is a freaking 14 book series! As much as part of me wants to reread the first few books to see what I found enjoyable about the books, I really don't think I have time for a 14 book series that is probably too immature for my tastes now.

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3. Stargirl duology by Jerry Spinelli
It has been so long since I read Stargirl that I honestly couldn't tell you a single thing that happened in it. That's pretty much the only reason I don't plan on reading the sequel, simply because I would have to reread the first book and I don't have much desire to do that. This is one that I need convincing on. Should I reread Stargirl and pick up the sequel?

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4. Bowler University trilogy by Megan Erickson
I read the first book, Make It Count, a couple of years ago and it was a pretty average, 'meh' book for me. I loved the characters but the plot got boring and repetitive. The other books in the series follow different characters, I believe, so I'm not really inclined to continue unless the series gets better as it goes on.

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5. Chasing Nikki trilogy by Lacey Weatherford
I started this series most recently, just a few months ago, but the first book, Chasing Nikki, didn't blow me away. It was a very average contemporary that became a lot more deep and serious than I was expecting. I enjoyed the first book but not really enough to convince me to pick up the rest in the series.

Am I making a mistake with any of these series? If you think I am, please feel free to convince me to give them a chance, I am always up for adding more books to my ever growing TBR pile.

Sophie :)


  1. I like the Shopaholic series. The books are quick, fun reads, but they are getting more outrageous as the series goes on. But, if you weren't crazy about the first one, I probably wouldn't continue.

    1. I agree, the first book was a very quick read. I just don't want to spend the time reading books I probably won't enjoy when there are so many others I want to read. Thanks, I'll probably stick to my decision on that one then.