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Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten Favourite Booktubers

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke And The Bookish. Lists galore, I can think of nothing better!

This week's theme is Top Ten Bookish People To Follow On Social Media. Now honestly, I really don't follow many bookish people on social media. I follow a few bookish people on Instagram and a couple on the Twitter I have for this blog but other than that I am seriously failing in that area. For that reason, I decided to go with my Top Ten Favourite Booktubers. It was the booktube community that got me into blogging and I do watch a lot of amazing people so I felt it was only right to share my favourites. These aren't really in any particular order, I love them all.

1. Ermahgerd Berks (Jamie & Jeff)
I know I said these weren't in any particular order but Jamie is definitely my favourite booktuber. Her videos are so much fun and I trust her recommendations because we do seem to feel the same about a lot of the same books. I also love when Jeff makes an appearances, these two are the most adorable couple!

2. Kassidy Voinche (Kassidy)
I really love Kassidy's videos, especially her reviews, as she seems so honest. I will always trust her opinion on a book so if she recommends something, I will check it out. Her reading is a lot more varied than mine so I often check out books she's mentioned that I never would have found otherwise. Also, her bookshelves are to die for!

3. Emmmabooks (Emma)
Emma is someone I have only discovered in the past year but adore her videos. I love her discussion type videos and the ones that are a bit different from the norm, like her recent video about tips for signings. She has such unique ideas and has a fun, bubbly personality that makes her videos great to watch.

4. Little Book Owl (Catriona)
This is another booktuber whose personality makes their videos so much fun for me. I really like Caz's personality so I find her videos great fun. She makes great recommendations, including some books from Australian authors that I may not have heard about elsewhere, and because her reading is quite varied I always find out about books that might be a bit out of my comfort zone.

5. Perpetual Page Turner (Jamie)
Okay so it's been a while since Jamie posted a video as it isn't her main platform but her blog is probably my ultimate favourite book blog so I had to include her! I adore her blog and always get excited when she occasionally posts a video. I think I just like how honest and genuine she seems, and she always makes me laugh both with her blog and videos.

6. Peruse Project (Regan)
This is a bit of a strange one. Regan and I have pretty different reading tastes, she is forever raving about fantasy and historical fiction while I rarely read fantasy and have yet to even pick up one historical fiction novel. Yet somehow, I adore watching her videos. I guess I just like seeing what's out there were I ever to delve into the genres she frequently talks about.

7. PriceIsWong (Jessica)
I haven't actually watched anything from Jessica in a while but she is definitely one of my top ten booktubers. I think I like her videos because although she does read and talk about the popular books of the moment, she also branches out and talks about books that aren't necessarily being talked about, whether that be older books or just less popular books. I love that this introduces me to more books! I also really trust her opinions.

8. ReadByZoe (Zoe)
Zoe is another person whose videos are just great fun! We have a similar taste in books, from what I can tell, so I love hearing her thoughts on books and will frequently bump a book up to the top of my TBR if she has loved it.

9. Padfootandprongs07 (Raeleen)
When the channel name is a Harry Potter reference, its a winner. I love Raeleen's channel because she reads such a variety of books that there is always something new to discover. I love seeing her recommendations and find she reviews books very well, even if it is just in a monthly wrap up.

10. The Book Hoarder (Dana)
This is another channel I have discovered fairly recently and love. I love Dana's personality and her vlogs that she does during readathons are hilarious, they're my favourite videos of hers. She also reads quite a variety of books, which is really great for discovering new books.

Those are my top ten favourite booktubers! Who are yours?


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