Monday, 6 July 2015

Wrap Up | June 2015

June was a pretty busy month for me but it did end very well, as my summer officially started! I am so happy to be on holiday from university for a couple of months. Even though I have a really busy summer planned, it will be good to get a rest from the stress of uni work. As I was so busy this month, I didn't get a huge amount of reading done. I took part in my first readathon, and failed spectacularly at it.

My Life In June...
- I did a lot of planning and preparation for the Summer Camp I am a leader at this year.
- I had to resit one of my uni exams, and managed to fail it a second time (oops!).
- I had a great day out with some of my best friends at a theme park.
- I finally had an opportunity to enjoy a good Netflix marathon for this first time in months.
- I spent a great day with friends waiting to see, and eventually meet, BGT 2014 winners Collabro, who I adore!

Watched In June...
- Spy - 4/5
- Endless Love - 4/5
- Private Practice Season 3 - 4/5
- One Tree Hill Season 1 - 4.5/5

Read In June...

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We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist -
This is a non-fiction book documenting Josh's almost-girlfriends and why the relationships never went anywhere. I was interested in this as soon as I heard about it as the premise sounded very funny. When I saw it on Audible, I decided it would be even funnier to listen to it on audiobook, and I wasn't wrong. This was a funny book in itself but to have it narrated by Josh himself added so much enjoyment. It did, however, get a little repetitive after a while. 3.5/5

The Heir by Kiera Cass -
The fourth book in The Selection series was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and after such a struggle to get my hands on it I was desperate to read it as soon as possible. I did really enjoy this book, but I definitely didn't love it as much as I did the first three. As much as I enjoyed the premise, I was not a huge fan of the main character, Eadlyn. 4/5

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach -
This was the second book I picked up as part of the Debut Author Challenge, and unfortunately another debut I didn't love. It is about a group of teenagers who are looking to separate themselves from their high school labels before an asteroid hits Earth. This wasn't really what I had expected and I didn't really like any of the characters. It was quite average for me. 2.5/5

Paper Towns by John Green -
This is the one and only book I managed to read for the Summer Biannual Bibliotion, and it was also on my TBR for the month. I wanted to read this before the movie was released as I thought the trailer looked really good. I am not even more excited for the movie as I did actually quite enjoy this book. I was a bit unsure to start with but I really enjoyed the revenge aspect and the mystery. The ending was the only thing I didn't love but I did still enjoy it overall. 4/5

Blogged In June...
- I wrapped up May.
- I shared the slightly too many books I hauled in May.
- I shared my TBR for June.
- I reviewed Lost & Found by Nicole Williams.
- I reviewed The One by Kiera Cass.
- I reviewed Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse.
- I did a few mini reviews of some recent reads.

This is the month of June all wrapped up. What did you read this month?

Sophie :)

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