Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten Books I Want My Future Children To Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke And The Bookish. Lists galore, I can think of nothing better!

I haven't done a Top Ten Tuesday in forever! This week's topic is books you want your future children to read and I love this topic. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get involved this week as there are so many great books from my childhood that I would love my future children to read, and those that I read more recently that I wish I had read as a child.

1. Harry Potter
If my future children only read one book series in their lives, I would obviously want it to be Harry Potter. I didn't read this as a child and I feel that I would have loved it much more if I had. The popularity ruined it for me so I would love my future children to just enjoy this series for what it is and experience the magic.

2. Jacqueline Wilson
Is there any British girl that didn't read at least one Jacqueline Wilson book growing up? I only read a few of her books but she has so many books with such great messages and important lessons that can really get children thinking.

3. Winnie the Pooh
My mum read Winnie The Pooh stories to me as a baby and I have been obsessed with Winnie The Pooh ever since. I really want to pass my love on to my children. I definitely want to read these books to any future children as babies and hopefully they'll share my love and want to read them themselves when they get older.

4. Roald Dahl
Who doesn't love Roald Dahl's books? I grew up reading these books, they were even my school reading as a younger child, and the stories are timeless. There are so many important lessons to be learned from the books as well.

5. Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian
I had to read this book for school as a 11/12 year old and I still remember the impact it had on me to this day. This is the only book I ever read for school that I enjoyed and that really made me think. It's one I would really love to reread and definitely one I think my future children should read.

6. St Clare's series
Enid Blyton's St Clare's series is one I started as a child and never finished but have started to read again this year and am still enjoying it. This series is the perfect fun boarding school story for younger children and I think despite the first book being written in 1941, it can still be read and enjoyed by all ages to this day.

7. Percy Jackson series
This is another series that I read to late. I have recently decided not to continue with this series as I just find it a bit too young for me. However, I really wish I had read this when I was younger as I definitely think it is something I would have loved. I would love for my future children to have an interest in Greek mythology, like I do, so I would definitely want them to pick up this series.

8. Deeper Than Blue by Jill Hucklesby
This is a pretty random book that I don't think many people at all have heard of (it only has 250 Goodreads ratings) but this was my favourite book when I was younger. This story had such an impact on me and teaches such valuable lessons about life, friendship and loss.

9. Catherine/Cathy MacPhail
As a teenager, I absolutely adored Catherine MacPhail's books and made my way through every one in my school library. She has written about everything from teenage pregnancy to bullying to creepy doppelgangers to teenagers trapped in an underground cave. There's something for everyone and again her books are full of really great messages and lessons.

10. Confessions Of Georgia Nicholson series
I may change my mind about this one when it comes to actually having a child at the age to read this but this is a series I loved as a teenager, and still enjoyed as a not-so-teenager, and it taught me a lot about how to be a teenage girl.

What books would you want you future children to read?

Sophie :)


  1. Everyone should read Roald Dahl! I hope that my nieces will read all of his work. :)

    1. Definitely! There are still a few of his books I haven't read yet but I would love to get myself a collection of his works to read/reread myself and pass on to any future children in the family.

  2. All kids need Harry Potter in their lives. Great list!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Absolutely, I feel like I missed out as a child having not read Harry Potter until my 20s!

  3. Harry Potter, Roald Dahl and Percy Jackson were all on my list this week too! I read Percy Jackson when I was 14, but I would agree that they read a lot younger than the sequels to the series.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/11/14/top-ten-tuesday-133/

    1. The Percy Jackson books are ones I really do wish I had read when I was younger, especially as I have always been interested in Greek mythology.

  4. Amen to Roald Dahl! I had him on my list too :)

    What's your favorite Dahl book?

    1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and George's Marvellous Medicine were always my favourites as a child. I would love to reread his works to see what my favourite would be now though.