Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Reading Challenges | 2016 Progress

With it now being just over half way through the year, it seems like a good time to check in with the challenges I set myself back in January. I haven't had the best reading year so far so I don't expect to be doing great with the challenges but we'll see.

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Goodreads Reading Challenge
Goal: 50
Progress: 27
When I checked in on my goals last year I had read 44 of 50 so I'm definitely not doing as good as last year. However, I am only 1 book behind schedule so I don't think I'm doing too badly. As long as I keep reading and don't get into another mega slump I should be on track to reach my 50 book goal.

Ebook Reading Challenge
Goal: 10
Progress: 6
Last year I was on 8/10 by this point but I'm not too concerned about that. I'm almost positive I can get to another 4 ebooks before the end of the year, I have some great ones on my Kindle just waiting to be read.

Audiobook Challenge
Goal: 1-5
Progress: 0
This is a new one for this year. I got into audiobooks last year but with a 45 minute commute it was easy to get in listening time. Now that I don't have that commute it is trickier. I am currently listening to one so when I finish that I will have technically met my goal, however I would like to get to 5.

TBR Pile Challenge
Goal: 11-20
Progress: 9
Finally one I am more successful on this year compared to last year. I may not be reading as much this year but I am doing well with getting through the books I have had on my shelf for a good while. I am happy with this progress, I should definitely at least get to 11 before the end of the year, but I am aiming for nearer 20.

Popsugar Reading Challenge
Goal: 40
Progress: 14
I am very doubtful I'll complete this one. I have completed 14 of the 40 challenges but the majority of the ones left involve reading things I wouldn't usually pick up, and while that can be good every now and again, I don't want to be doing this for the rest of the year and abandoning the books I want to read.
I have decided (like literally, this minute) to change this challenge. I have been kind of taking part in the Around The World In 52 Books challenge, which is very similar to this one, and I think I prefer that one.

Finish 5 Series
Goal: 5
Progress: 1
I'm not making great progress with this one. I have made steps to completing a few different series but have only actually managed to complete 1. I have a couple that I only need to read the last 1 or 2 books, so I might manage this challenge by the end of the year if I really try.

Start 5 Series
Goal: 5 10
Progress: 7
I managed to complete my initial goal of starting 5 series pretty quickly so obviously rather than focus on my other challenges I decided to just increase my goal. I have so many series that I want to read and this is definitely encouraging me to finally pick them up. This might be the challenge I am enjoying most so far.

How are you doing with your reading goals? Can you recommend any series for me to start?

Sophie :)

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