Thursday, 13 August 2015

TBR | August 2015

After my great reading month in July, I am hoping to continue doing well throughout August. So far, I have managed to read five of the ten books on my Summer TBR and hopefully, with no university work to do, I can get the other five read. I am being a little ambitious with this TBR but we'll see how it goes.

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I have previously read this one but as one of my favourite books of last year, I am desperate to read it again. I absolutely love the Anna trilogy and Isla was by far my favourite of the three. I love the characters so much, and the settings are also great. This is one on my Summer TBR so I will be trying m hardest to get to this one this month. I am so excited to read this one again.

This is another of the books on my Summer TBR. I have been wanting to read his trilogy for a while now so I am determined to at least make a start to the trilogy by reading the first book in August. I know very little about this trilogy but from what I do know it sounds like a perfect summer read.

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson
I've been working my way through Morgan Matson's books this summer and her most recent novel, Since You've Been Gone, is the last one I have to read (not including her novels under a different name). This is one that I have heard so many amazing things about, and seems to be most people's favourite Morgan Matson book, so I am really looking forward to reading this one.

City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare
This is another series that I really need to make a start on. Everyone seems to have read these books except me and with the TV show starting soon, it really is about time to make a start to the series. This is another series that I know little about other than how much people love it, so hopefully I will love it too.

Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout
The Lux series is yet another series that I need to start. I know that this one is about aliens, which is something I have not read about before. This series seems to get rave reviews so I am looking forward to trying out something a bit different.

Daughter by Jane Shemilt
This was not on my Summer TBR but I decided to pull a couple of books out of my TBR jar for this month and this was one of them. This was an impulse buy and I haven't heard great things about it but it sounds pretty interesting. It is about a woman whose daughter goes missing and follows her search for answers.

Summer Sky by Lisa Swallow -
I also pulled this one out of the my TBR jar for the month and it is my ebook pick for August. I know very little about this one but it seems to be your average new adult contemporary story, which is perfect for summer.

Those are all of the books I hope to get around to reading during the month of August. Hopefully I will have time to get a fair bit of reading done but my main aim is to complete my Summer TBR books.

What are you planning to read in August?

Sophie :)

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